All of our websites come with CMS (Content Management System) as standard which means that you are able to keep your site up-to-date  by quickly and easily adding new content (eg, news articles, new pages, portfolio images, testimonials) or by editing existing content.

We will provide easy-to-follow documentation on how to use the CMS  along with phone/email support.  Onsite training is available on request.

If you would rather we manage and update your content then please ask us about our content services.


Why is it so cheap?


Many of our clients ask us how we can provide so much for such a small fee -this makes them suspicious!

The reason we can offer a lower price is that we are honest. Many developers suspect that their clients know nothing about how websites are created. They lead you to believe that they will be spending day after day (perhaps week after week) building everything from scratch just for you. Indeed if they are doing this then yes, it will cost a not-so-small fortune and also you can expect it to be riddled with ‘bugs’ that need to be ‘ironed out’ before the site can go live.

We don’t do that.  We tell you right from the start that we ‘cheat.’ We build your website using the best tried and tested parts available. You get the best there is available and we can use our time to focus on creating you a unique site that reflects your business, is styled to suit your needs and contains every component you need to help your business thrive.


This is how we do it:


We use WordPress as the CMS platform. We chose WordPress because we have used many different CMS platforms over the years but it is by far the best and it is the most user friendly for our clients. WordPress is also incredibly robust, has great support and is used by over 65 million websites world wide including some of the most well known brands.

Plug-ins are another reason we use WordPress! There are thousands of ‘plug-ins’ most of which are free and allow our clients to have amazing ‘extras’ on their websites that if being built as custom software would cost thousands.

There are so many reasons why you’d be mad not to use WordPress so we dedicated a question to it in the FAQs if you want to read more!